Kilim Rugs

Kilim Rugs


      A Kilim rug is a type of flat-woven textile or carpet that is traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans in various regions in North Africa and throughout the world. The term "Kilim" is of Turkish origin, and these rugs have a long history dating back to ancient times.

      Kilim rugs are known for their unique weaving technique, which produces a flat and tightly woven surface with no pile. They are created by interweaving the weft threads tightly with the warp threads, resulting in a reversible pattern on both sides of the rug.

      Kilim Berber rugs share the flat-woven construction of traditional Kilim rugs. However, they stand out with their distinct Berber motifs, patterns, and colour palettes, reflecting the cultural heritage and symbolism of the Berber communities.

      These rugs often feature geometric patterns, diamond shapes, zigzag lines, and other symbolic designs that hold significance in Berber culture. Each Kilim Berber rug in our Mazigh collection is a handmade masterpiece, and the designs are passed down through generations, preserving the artistic heritage of the Berber people.

      Kilim Berber rugs are highly valued for their artistic beauty, cultural significance, and ability to add a touch of authentic tribal charm to any space. They are used as functional floor coverings, decorative wall hangings, or statement pieces that evoke a sense of cultural appreciation and artistic appreciation. Some cultures also use them as prayer rugs.

      Their artistic beauty and cultural significance make them sought-after pieces for interior decoration and collectors alike.

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