Glaoui Rugs

Glaoui Rugs


      The term "Glaoui" refers to the Glaoui tribe, also known as the T'hami tribe, which was a powerful Berber family in Morocco during the 19th and 20th centuries. The Glaoui tribe had significant influence and held prominent positions within the country, particularly in the regions of Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains.

      The Glaoui family played a significant role in Moroccan politics and had control over vast territories, including important trade routes and valuable natural resources. They were known for their wealth, political alliances, and the luxurious palaces they built.

      In the context of rugs, "Glaoui" is used to describe a style of rug associated with the Glaoui tribe. Glaoui rugs typically feature bold geometric patterns, vibrant colours, and intricate designs. These rugs are handwoven by skilled artisans, reflecting the artistry and weaving traditions passed down through generations.

      Glaoui rugs carry the legacy of the Glaoui tribe's cultural heritage and craftsmanship. They capture the essence of Moroccan design and the rich history of the region. Each rug is a unique piece of art that adds a touch of elegance, cultural significance, and a sense of the past to your home decor.

      Embrace the timeless allure of Glaoui rugs with our Mazigh collection, celebrating the artistry, heritage, and influence of the Glaoui tribe. Cherish and admire these exceptional rugs as they create a link between your space and the rich cultural legacy of Morocco.

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